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Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer "Casa" Size 13 (Camo/Army Green)

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer "Casa" Size 13 (Camo/Army Green)

$ 32.90


Manufacturer Details Below: 

The CASA Sidewalk Surfer from Sanuk is made from vegetarian friendly materials and feature the super comfy FOOTBED that Sanuk is famous for...

Sanuk designed the Sidewalk Surfers using Barefoot U-Technology, creating a sandal-shoe that allows your foot to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk. The loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. Get the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the comfort of a sandal.

  • "They're not shoes. They're sandals!"
  • Super soft, high rebound, molded EVA footbed.
  • AEGIS™ antimicrobial additive.
  • Happy U outsole.
  • Vegan textile that is canvas.
  • Thank you for your interest! If you have any questions just contact us 

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